The Best Way to Give Your Pet CBD Oil


The Best Way to Give Your Pet CBD Oil

With so many reported benefits of CBD for pets, you may want to introduce your furry friend to this
natural supplement. But dogs and cats can be pretty stubborn when it comes to eating anything other than
kibble and stolen sandwiches! To minimize stress for your pet (and you!) here’s a handy guide to the best
way to give your pet CBD.

Which is Better: CBD Drops or treats for Pets?

Most pet owners are familiar with the struggle of getting their pet to take medication in pill form. You try
wrapping it in cheese, hiding it in sausage, and all kinds of trickery – but your pet sees through it! CBD
drops are much more suitable; they make it quick and easy to administer the exact dose required.
What’s the Best Way to Administer CBD Oil to Cats and Dogs?

So you’ve decided that drops will be the easiest for you to manage and could potentially offer your pet the
most benefits. When it comes to administering, there are a few methods you can try:
Dive Right In!If you’re feeling confident, drop the CBD oil straight into your pet’s mouth. Aim for the back of the throat
(without triggering the gag reflex) and simply drop the drops!

Drizzle It!This works best if your pet only needs a small dose. Apply the CBD oil to a treat that has a porous surface
(such as a piece of fresh meat) or mix it with pet-safe, xylitol-free peanut butter.
Mix It!This is possibly a “last resort method” since in a bowl full of food it’s harder to determine if your pet has
ingested their full dose of CBD.

The best way to give your pet CBD oil is to find a method they are relaxed about and a product they enjoy
taking. That Pet Cure has the best pet CBD oil available, so even the fussiest furbabies should look forward
to CBD time!


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  1. (Ronan, I don’t do Twitter or Facebook so I’m leaving my review here. Feel free to move it.)
    First of all, the product is marvelous. My parrot has a cancerous tumor (that cannot be operated on because she can’t tolerate anesthesia). She was lethargic, stopped playing with all toys…even her bells…and she stopped talking. I gave her drops orally every night. Her external swelling has come down her energy increased and better yet, her personality has returned. I KNOW this stuff is extending her life and improving the quality of her life!!
    Secondly, the customer service is first rate! Ronan is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and advise which product you should use based on your pet’s size and needs. He sends it out quickly and is just a phonecall, chat message, or text message away.

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