Can you get addicted to CBD Oil ?


Can you get addicted to CBD Oil ?

With all the hype surrounding CBD oil, there’s one question you may want to have answered before buying
into the trend: is CBD oil addictive? While it’s true that regulation of the industry is something of a gray
area, the general belief is that CBD oil can be safely used by most adults. As for it being an addictive
substance, you needn’t worry. Here’s why you can’t get addicted to CBD.

Is CBD Oil Safe and Legal?

CBD (cannabidiol) is just one of many compounds found in the hemp plant. Another compound is THC
(tetrahydrocannabinol); this is the one with psychoactive properties that give you a “high”. But is CBD a
drug? No: it doesn’t contain psychoactive properties or have the same effect on the brain as THC. All CBD
products are required to contain less than 0.3% THC to be legally sold in the United States.

Can You Get Addicted to CBD Oil?

The reason users become addicted to marijuana is that the THC it contains triggers a release of dopamine
in the brain, which creates a feeling of euphoria. It binds itself to specific receptors in the brain and over
time, the body becomes dependent on the euphoric feeling.
CBD interacts with brain receptors but, crucially, doesn’t bind to them like THC does. It doesn’t trigger a
dopamine release or cause euphoria so, therefore, isn’t addictive. Instead, CBD is actually thought to
balance the brain’s neurotransmitters, rather than causing fluctuating highs and lows.
CBD oil is generally considered to be safe and non-addictive for most people. If you’re reassured by this,
intrigued by the buzz around the industry, and looking to buy CBD oil, be sure to shop with a trusted
retailer like That Pet Cure. Here, you’ll find only high-quality, terpene-rich CBD products that comply with
mandatory regulations for THC levels.

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