CBD Oil For Dog Homeostasis Condition

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Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is popular for its pain relieving and anti-inflammation quality. And that’s good, but that’s not all it can do. The profile of hemp oil is to promote good health in a natural way, following our own Endo-cannabidiol system in achieving homeostasis. Homeostasis is living in internal equilibrium where everything works at optimum level. The earlier the better for us and our pets.

Keeping them healthy not only makes both you and them happy but also cuts down on the costs of vet bills and prescription medications that are quite expensive and the unwanted side effects that also compromise health. CBD oil costs less in the long run, promoting better health and wellbeing for dogs.


Here are the qualities of CBD oil as a homeostasis agent:

  • Antioxidants and terpenes – CBD oil has antioxidant properties and terpenes, eliminating free radicals in the body that cause different diseases. Terpenes are natural flavors with receptor profiles that interact with other receptors to promote a healthy heart and other organs. Eliminating free radicals lessens the risks of cancer, heart and other diseases resulting from oxidative stress.
  • CBD oil promotes cell renewal and growth. CBD oil plays a significant role in creating new cells and the growth of cells especially in the brain. Studies have confirmed the efficacy of CBD compounds in neurological degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Starting early with CBD oil for your furry friend prevents degenerative symptoms such as brain cell death.
  • CBD oil helps in keeping our dogs’ heart, liver and pancreas healthy. CBD receptors work with immune, cardiovascular, liver and pancreas receptors for optimum function – blood circulation, preventing oxidative stress, releasing, absorption of insulin and immune response to inflammation and cell healing.
  • CBD oil keeps your dog psychologically balanced, relaxed and calm. Anxiety and depression are the prime reasons for behavioral problems. These problems are addressed with training and activities, also supplemented by medication as needed. CBD oil’s antidepressant quality uplifts the mood and keeps the pooch relaxed even when there are stressors present such as loud noises from cars and doorbells, strangers (guests), and being home alone for the whole day.

All these lead to a homeostasis condition, where there is an internal equilibrium of all bodily functions and wellbeing. Homeostasis prevents diseases in the most natural way.


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