Health and Wellbeing, Using CBD oil.

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CBD Oil For Health and Wellbeing

CBD products are gaining popularity, from medication to cosmetics. CBD oil is continuously proving to bring health and wellbeing to people and pets alike. The holistic approach to healthcare fits the profile of hemp oil because of the different benefits from head to toe.

It can be used for hair, skin and nails. A few drops of CBD oil with carrier oil, can be used as hair conditioner and skin moisturizer as well as topical pain reliever. Full spectrum hemp oil is full of antioxidants and terpenes; and you get full benefits of eliminating free radicals on the surface or externally. And internally, it helps in achieving homeostasis. Homeostasis is the state of internal balance where all bodily processes and organs function optimally, from temperature to fluid balance, blood sugar levels, potassium, sodium and calcium ions. All these and more deliver optimum performance even in changing conditions such as environment, lifestyle changes and diet.


How To Achieve Homeostasis With CBD Oil?

A regular regimen of CBD oil, with balanced diet and active lifestyle, homeostasis can be achieved. Here is where CBD helps you internally:

  1. As we all know, CBD oil helps in the regulation of cardiovascular functions including blood flow, unclogging blockages and preventing inflammation of vascular cells. By keeping the cardiovascular system at an optimal and balanced state, the heart remains healthy.
  2. Maintains healthy blood sugar level – The brain produces cannabidiol compounds to help in body functions. These compounds are receptors that proliferate to different parts and organs of the body to help in various functions. To be able to participate, we have a built-in structure or system to respond to the Endo-cannabidiol compounds, this is called Endo-cannabinoid or cannabidiol system. The pancreas has ECBD receptors that promote insulin distribution and absorption to cell tissues for energy. Sugar is then used and absorbed, thus keeping the blood sugar level balanced. This, in turn, helps in maintaining normal blood pressure.
  3. If you are obese and at risk with Type 2 Diabetes, and are already experiencing neuropathy, CBD oil can help in achieving homeostasis. CBD oil is helpful in losing weight, prevents Type 2 Diabetes and it also helps in cell renewal and growth. Neuropathy is a serious condition wherein cells in particular parts of the body begin to breakdown and die because of the lack of nutrients and energy. CBD oil helps the body regain stability from healthy blood flow, inducing the immune system to heal damaged cells and keeping the liver healthy and preventing oxidative stress.

Hemp oil promotes optimal health inside and out. 


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