CBD Oil For Pets: Holistic Approach to Your Furry Friend’s Health

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Holistic Approach to Your Furry Friend’s Health

CBD oil for pets is derived from the hemp plant. It is from the flower of the plant. Pet Owners that practice holistic pet care use CBD to naturally alleviate anxiety, inflammation, seizures or epileptic episodes and pain. CBD oil  is safe to consume because it has been tested to have less than 0.03% of the THC substance, the narcotic compound in the hemp plant. Because the compound is mainly found in the resin, buds and leaves, the cannabidiol is extracted from the different parts of the plant that carries less of the THC substance.

Cannabidiol oil is an all natural substance. It does not have harmful side effects unlike regular medicine which with prolonged use can cause liver or kidney damage to your furry friend. In recent studies and veterinary observations, the use of hemp oil for dogs and cats with seizures and epileptic episodes show that it relieves or curtails seizures. Prolonged use also lessens the occurrence of episodes.

How It Works

Fortunately, people and canines share the same endogenous cannabinoid pattern. It is a biological pattern present in mammals necessary in several body processes such as brain functions, rest and sleep, immune system as well as other bodily functions. This means that when the oil is consumed by humans and dogs, it follows the same route into our body system in relieving pain, inflammation and fighting cancer cells. CBD oil for pets targets the receptors in the brain, vital organs, central nervous system and immune system. The cannabinoid receptors are responsive to endocannabinoids – cannabinoids produced by the brain. And they also accept plant-based cannabinoid derivatives such as CBD and marijuana.

Mammals have similar biological functions including ailments and bodily responses to diseases and even brain disorders such as epilepsy. We share these commonalities that include response to cannabinoids.

CBD Oil Is A Safer Solution

Aside from the multitude of benefits CBD oil has for your pet’s health, it is natural so it is safe to use for a prolonged period. In fact, it improves health over time. Compared to traditional medicine derived from synthetic medical compounds, hemp oil is safer because it does not damage the liver or other filtering organs such as the gallbladder or kidneys. It does not leave any unwanted residue in the system. Instead, it strengthens the body, the nervous system, the brain and immune system.

CBD oil for pets is a holistic solution to maintaining a healthy and pain free furry friend.


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