CoronaVirus -Self Isolation with your pets !


                                                           5 Reasons Pets Make the Best Companions When You’re Self-Isolating

The coronavirus pandemic has turned everyone’s world upside-down. Many thousands of people are sick and millions more are stuck in self-isolation to try to prevent the spread of the disease. If you’re currently self-isolating and working from home, you may be going crazy through boredom and lack of social interaction! But if you’re a pet owner, being confined to the house might not be such a bad thing for you or your furry friend.

It’s a fact that owning a pet can benefit your mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing. Think about it: don’t you feel happier and less stressed when playing with a boisterous puppy or curious kitten? At That Pet Cure, we think our animal friends are almost like furry, four-legged antidepressants! So here are 5 reasons why pets make the best companions when you’re self-isolating, bored, and lonely.


#1. Pets Help Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that just stroking an animal can help lower stress levels and blood pressure (even during major drama). Having a pet curl up on your lap is such a calming experience. What’s truly grounding is the trust in his eyes and the unconditional love he gives. Love him back and you’ll feel your bond grow, your heart swell, and your mood lift!


#2. Pets Give You a Purpose

Caring for a pet gives you something other than scary news reports to focus on. Pets give you a purpose when you feel things are hopeless or when you’re not feeling 100% cheery and well. You’ll likely strive to stay healthy for your pet’s sake as well as your own, because who else will care for Buddy or Mittens if you wind up in the hospital?


#3. Pets Simply Make You Smile
When the news reports are all doom and gloom, you may feel down or anxious. But your pet will be there to comfort you and help you see the bright side of life! An inquisitive puppy, a playful kitten, the innocent love a pet offers… these can’t fail to cheer you up!

#4. Pets are Fun!
If you’re working from home, having a pet around means you’re not alone. You may miss your co-workers but you have your pet to interact with now! Your dog or cat will become the star of every video call (and, secretly, the highlight of your boss’s day). We have to warn you though: your productivity may suffer because you can’t resist your pet’s attention-seeking antics!


#5. Pets are an Excuse to Exercise
If it’s safe for you to do so and not against government advice, you can still go somewhere secluded to walk your dog. This will allow you both to get some fresh air and exercise; just remember to practice social distancing and take proper precautions.

Everyone at That Pet Cure hopes you, your family, and your pets are safe and healthy right now. Lean on each other during the current crisis and take care of each other!



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