Diabetes Risk Reduction with CBD Oil

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Diabetes Risk Reduction with CBD Oil

Diabetes is a disease suffered by almost of the American population, and more are at risk in developing the disorder. A lot of research and studies have been conducted to  prevent the disease. One promising alternative solution is CBD or Cannabidiol oil; also known as hemp oil. It’s been used in a variety of conditions from neurological, psychological, to immune and nervous system disorders with positive outcomes. Studies show that CBD can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and help people with Type 1 maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Here are the ways CBD oil can reduce the risk of Diabetes:

    • Preventive Measure – CBD oil prevents the occurrence of the disease especially Type 2. It zeroes in on the two symptoms – high fasting insulin levels and insulin resistance. Regular hemp oil intake lowers the level of high fasting insulin, increasing the level of high-density lipoprotein.
    • Type 2 is mostly due to the over consumption of sugar and carbohydrates, as body cells and tissues become insulin resistant, the hormone that helps in the absorption of sugar. And without insulin, sugar can’t be processed by cells as an energy source, thus increasing the presence of sugar in the bloodstream that causes more adverse effect such as high blood pressure and slows down the healing process. CBD oil helps by processing insulin as it is produced by the body, absorbed by the cells and processes the sugar (glucose) into energy. The oil’s anti-inflammatory property helps in overriding the resistance through the natural CBD receptors in the immune system.
    • Diabetes can be debilitating as it progresses and destroys nerve cells. Diabetics often experience neuropathy – symptoms include pain, numbness, pin-piercing sensation or tingling sensation in affected areas such as the hands and feet or any affected organ. CBD oil is an alternative treatment to neuropathy by helping the body repair and increase growth of nerve cells. One factor in the development of neuropathy is the oxidative stress put on the liver, and CBD oil protects the liver from this stress.
  • CBD oil helps in cell renewal and growth. It’s immune receptors aid in the healing process of cells such as those in wounds and internal damage caused by diabetes. The immune system is compromised in many diseases, making it harder to perform its functions such as in healing and cell growth. CBD oil jumpstarts the immune system to perform it’s functions with the natural CBD receptors of the body.

Unknown to a lot of people, we produce our own CBD compounds with its own pattern or system to help in many bodily functions – called Endo-Cannabidiol System. But the body can only produce a limited amount, not enough to fight diseases, and sometimes diseases also compromise the body in producing its own Endo-CBD compound. CBD oil supports and contributes to the production, application and processing, thus helping the body recover or maintain health.


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