Holistic Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

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Holistic Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

CBD or cannabidiol oil is making waves in the alternative medicine front because of its efficacy in treating different ailments, not just in humans but in pets too. CBD oil for pets is safe and effective in relieving pain, anxiety, boosting the immune system, curtailing epileptic episodes, and improving sleep and appetite. Cannabidiol is actually produced by the brain, by all mammals – endo-cannabidiol, And we share the same CBD receptor system as our furry friends. It’s the reason why CBD oil is effective both for us and our pets. It is safe because it does not damage organs unlike synthetically generated medical compounds and it is a holistic approach in caring for and keeping your pet healthy and pain free.

Here are the holistic benefits of CBD oil for pets:

  • The Endo-cannabidiol system plays a big role in the natural pain management of the body. CBD oil for pets reinforces pain management naturally by stopping the absorption of anandamide, a chemical that aids in lessening pain signals in the brain, for a moment. By stopping the absorption, the body reacts by producing more of the chemical, thus flooding the body and reducing the pain.
  • The anti-inflammatory quality of CBD oil for pets is the key reason for its efficiency in alleviating various health conditions in pets. CBD’s ability to connect or communicate with receptors inside the immune cells is directly linked to the anti-inflammatory quality. Activating the CB2 receptors inside the cells induces a large number of immune responses including fighting inflammation. Irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis and MS are among the conditions with chronic inflammation that CBD helps relieve. By relieving inflamed cells, pain is also reduced, and other symptoms.
  • If your pet suffers from anxiety, stress or certain phobias, CBD oil for pets helps in managing the symptoms. CBD has the quality to calm down the nerves, and while sources of these mental conditions may differ in humans and other mammals such as dogs, the physical and stress manifestations are the same. Noise, traveling and separation often cause stress and anxieties that need to be addressed. They physically manifest through behaviors such as chewing household items, barking, aggression, tremors and even urinating and defecating in the house or crate. CBD promotes calmness and reduces the occurrence of these behaviors.

These benefits alone make caring for your pet easier, easing pain from different disorders and injuries as well as improving different bodily functions such as sleep, appetite and the immune system. Talk to your vet now, on how CBD oil for pets can help you in caring for your best friend.


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