How CBD Oil Helps Parrots That Pluck


How CBD Oil Helps Parrots That Pluck

Most parrot owners have heard of feather-plucking. While some plucking is natural and necessary for grooming purposes, excessive plucking is a cause for concern. In this instance, it’s important to address the cause of the behavior then work to alleviate it. If you favor holistic approaches to your bird’s wellness, CBD oil for plucking parrots could be helpful.

Why do Parrots Pluck Their Feathers?
There are dozens of reasons: anything from parasites, skin irritation, and allergies to boredom, anxiety, stress, and disruption to routines can trigger feather-plucking disorder. The key is to consistently monitor your bird’s health and act quickly in the event of an issue.

Should You Use CBD Oil for Feather Plucking?
It’s important to consult your veterinarian first, but since CBD oil is natural and plant-derived, it can have therapeutic benefits for your bird’s wellbeing. You may find that CBD oil for parrots with anxiety helps promote feelings of calm and potentially helps reduce problematic behaviors like plucking.

Remember that it’s crucial to choose high-quality parrot CBD oil. The oil should be pure, non-GMO, CO2-extracted, and made specifically for parrots. That Pet Cure CBD Oil for Parrots is exactly that! Rich in terpenes and containing flower-only goodness, it could be the supplement your parrot needs to balance his emotional and physical health.



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