CBD Oil for Dogs

Made From The Flower Only

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CBD oil
150mg (MCT Coconut) Flower Only
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100% Organic Ingredients:
-Full spectrum
-CO2 extract
-MCT Coconut oil
-Contains 150 mg CBD
-200 drops per bottle

-Contains less than .03% THC

-Made in the USA

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How To Use

150mg CBD Oil

– 1 drop per 10 lbs
– 2 times a day or as necessary
– Store in room temperature
– Store in a dark room

-For dog up to 40lb

275mg CBD Oil

– 1 drop per 20 lbs
– 2  times a day or as necessary
– Store in room temperature
– Store in dark room

-For dogs up to 40lbs

500mg CBD Oil

– 2 drop per 30 lbs
– 2 to 3 times a day or as necessary
– Store in room temperature
– Store in dark room

-For dog 70 lbs and above 

Product Description

At That Pet Cure, We believe that providing the best quality CBD oil  products and service is our 1st priority to our customers. Our CBD oil for pets is  Grown in the USA by a local farmer. 100% organic hemp (cbd) plants made from the flower part only, Full Spectrum, co2 extract.  Allowing your pets to receive all the benefit CBD oil has to offer. Providing more essentials such as, CBD, CBG, CBG-A, CBN an CBC. Making our CBD oil  higher potency, Rich in Terpenes and more Effective  Our CBD for Pets/dogs and cats is diluted with organic 

Our CBD oil is: 
-Safe and Non Psychoactive
-Reduces Pain and Inflammation 
-Helps with Anxiety, Stress and depression 
-Reduces Phobias 
-Stimulates appetite
-Helps with sleeping disorders
-Promotes good brain and immune function  
-Reduces Seizures and Epilepsy
-Helps with IBD Inflammatory bowel disease
-Protects the Nerve System
-Helps with Skin Allergies 
-Legal in all 50 states

3 reviews for 150mg (MCT Coconut) Flower Only

  1. Ana

    My dog has degenerative myelopathy and the CBD oil helped him along with his meds. Unfortunately, his MD is far too advanced to help him get his pep back in his steps bit I do see a difference in his walk. And his mood is definitely calmer. I highly recommend this product. I wish I had learned of it sooner so the effects would be more noticeable or even possibly slowed down the DM.

  2. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    The service was Amazing! The owner very nice and informative!! My Dog is ill and this is 100 going to help him feel better! I would definitely recommend the owner w his professionalism and his store. Just an Excellent Experience!! Give them a call!!

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    We rescued a 1y old dog last month and she has been anxious. Our dog trainer recommended thepetcure for cbd oil and it has been phenomenal. Tremendous customer service and the product has worked really well for us. Very happy customers!

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