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CBD oil for

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The following has not been evaluated by the food and drugs administration 

CBD oil

CBD oil for Dogs (Omega 3 Fish Oil)

(5 customer reviews)


100% Organic Ingredients:
-Full spectrum
-CO2 extract
-Omega 3 Fish Oil
-Contains 150/275 mg CBD
-200 drops per bottle

-CBD oil for dogs (omega 3 fish oil)

-Contains  less than .03% THC

-Made in the USA



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Product Details

How to use

150mg CBD Oil

– 1 drop per 20 lbs/5kg
– 2  times a day or as necessary
– Store in a cool dark place-

For dogs up to 40 lbs

275mg CBD Oil

– 1 drop per 30 lbs/14kg
– 2  times a day or as necessary
– Store in a cool dark place-

For dogs up to 70 lbs

Product Description

At That Pet Cure, We believe that providing the best quality CBD oil  products and service is our 1st priority to our customers. Our CBD oil for pets is  Grown in the USA by a local farmer. 100% organic hemp (cbd) plants made from the flower part only, Full Spectrum, co2 extract.  Allowing your pets to receive all the benefit CBD oil has to offer. Providing more essentials such as, CBD, CBG, CBG-A, CBN an CBC. Making our CBD oil  higher potency, Rich in Terpenes and more Effective  Our CBD for Pets/dogs and cats is diluted with organic Omega 3 oil fish. Providing even more Vitamin and Fatty acids for our furry companion. 

Our CBD oil is: 
-Safe and Non Psychoactive
-Reduces Pain and Inflammation 
-Helps with Anxiety, Stress and depression 
-Reduces Phobias 
-Stimulates appetite
-Helps with sleeping disorders
-Promotes good brain and immune function  
-Reduces Seizures and Epilepsy
-Helps with IBD Inflammatory bowel disease
-Protects the Nerve System
-Helps with Skin Allergies 
-Legal in all 50 states

5 reviews for CBD oil for Dogs (Omega 3 Fish Oil)

  1. Suzy Lindgren

    My Pembroke Welsh Corgi is only 6 years old and has liver and kidney disease, sadly. She hasn’t had much of an appetite, or feeling that well, lately, but I have her a couple of drops and she came into the kitchen looking for food about 15 minutes later, and then wanted to play! I believe that CBD will not only make her feel better, but can help heal her! I will keep you posted. Thank God for CBD!

  2. Susan Kemler (verified owner)

    My Sophie is a 11-12 yr Shepard/Husky mix. We were going through a bout of arthritis issues. Unable to stand, difficulty with stairs and falling down. I could just see in her face the pain and suffering she was going through. After a week on this oil she is doing much better, bringing her toys to play with me again, running down the stairs and looking forward to going for walks. Was also having skin/allergy/ and anxiety issues. Skin is clearing up, she stopped licking her paws. I am grateful to finally find something that seems to be working. Hope it continues to give her a happy healthy life. I am happy to have found this oil!

  3. jessicaoxenreider100513

    My Golden Retriever is a cancer survivor. He has been cancer free since 2016. Being a tri-pawed has been rough on his joints. He is only 7 and has pretty bad arthritis. He has been on $250 / month worth of medicine for several and has not been his normal derpy self. After his first dose of CBD he started to move smoother and could get off the ground a little easier with a few less old man noises. We are now one bottle down and he is back to being an energetic, derpy, hole digging, couch licking Golden. He now runs with his sister in the yard and can go up and down the stairs unassisted!! He is doing so much better and we can start weening him off his medicine. Zeus’s improvement in his health and attitude encouraged me to start taking the people CBD. That Pet Cure has changed my family’s life and I am forever grateful!!!!!! <3

  4. Jobbi Eagle

    My 3 year old chihuahua Pebbles was having trouble sleeping.I had many sleepless nights.Now I give her a drop a hour before bedtime and she is sleeping through the night

  5. Tammy Brunner

    My boston terrier is diabetic. He has problems with anxiety and diabetic neuropathy. I’ve been giving this to him and he is SO much better. He’s been able to play and roll around in the grass again which he hasn’t done in months. I will be ordering more!

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