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CBD oil

1000MG Imported from Amsterdam

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100% Organic Ingredients:
-Contains 1000 mg CBD
-Full spectrum
-CO2 extract
-CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC made with 20% CBD paste
-1 to 1 dilution with Olive Oil
-200 drops per bottle

-Contains less than .03% THC

-Imported from Amsterdam

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Product Details

How to use

-Shake well before each use
-3 to 4 drops
-2 to 3 times a day
-Store in a cool dark place

Product Description 

CBD Oil for You

Whether you’re suffering from a particular health complaint or you just feel in need of a
wellbeing boost, CBD oil can help. It’s the natural way to ward off a variety of physical,
mental, and emotional issues while optimizing your general health.
Perhaps you’re feeling constantly drained through stress, anxiety, depression, or lack of
sleep? Maybe your appetite isn’t what it used to be, or your digestive system is off-balance?
You may be experiencing pain and inflammation due to advancing age or long-term illness.
Or you may want to improve your cognitive and immune function to perform at your peak.
Incorporating CBD oil into your daily self-care regimen can help you feel more able to cope
with your hectic lifestyle. Olive oil is used as the carrier oil for this formula, which itself has
various health benefits; it’s rich in antioxidants and healthy fats. This formula is also suitable
for larger dogs weighing over 130lbs.

Our Promise

That Pet Cure full spectrum CBD oil is guaranteed high-quality, safe, non-psychoactive, and
legal in all 50 states. Grown by a trusted farmer in the USA, it’s made from the flower only of
100% organic plants for optimal purity. The highly-concentrated formula is rich in natural
terpenes and also contains CBG, CBG-A, CBN, and CBC for maximum wellbeing benefits. The
oil is CO2-extracted and third-party lab-tested for your peace of mind.
We don’t mass-produce our CBD oil; every bottle is handmade, packed, and labeled by us to
ensure superior quality and effectiveness with no contamination. Dosing is in drops,
administered daily to keep you in the very best of health.

1 review for 1000MG Imported from Amsterdam

  1. Marie Fetzer, The Happy Dog Trainer

    My dog has bone cancer and he was having a very bad GI reaction to the NSAID the vet had prescribed for the terrible pain. Fortunately I met Ronen and he suggested I try this CBD oil. I was skeptical because I’ve tried all of the big name brands (Charlottes Web, CB Distillery, King Kalm) and they didn’t have any noticeable effect on him, but I will try anything to help my boy. It took about a week of 5 drops 4x a day for it to work synergistically with his other pain meds, but now he is walking again (which is amazing!!!!!!!) and sniffing butts and barking at squirrels and sleeping through the night! It means the world to me to have my sweet boy enjoy the time he has left and I truly believe that this CBD oil is making a huge difference to his quality of life.

    And importantly, the customer service is way above par – my order shipped within a few hours of purchase ( as opposed to a 10 day wait from Charlotte’s Web!) and when I had a small issue it was handled immediately and professionally, which speaks volumes about the integrity of this company.

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