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CBD on the Go – CBD Salve Stick


When your muscles are tight and your joints are sore, reach for the soothing relief of our Hemp CBD Salve. It has the potential to alleviate aches and pains, muscle knots, and even cuts so you can get on with your day. Just the act of massaging it in will make you feel good! Plus, it delivers hydration and nourishment to soften dry skin.

Being a topical CBD product, this luxuriously creamy balm is ideal for those who dislike taking drops or chewing gummies. It also gives you the full benefits of CBD without the ingredients having to fight their way through your digestive system. If you’d like a powerful fragrance to stimulate your senses, the orange salve is similar to Tiger Balm. If you’d prefer something more subtle, choose the green salve. The handy jar means you can simply scoop, massage, and enjoy the benefits of hemp and CBD.

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All the great benefits of our original Hemp CBD Salve but in a handy roll-on! Mess-free topical application and a portable container make this a convenient choice for CBD fans who lead busy lives. Choose from two sizes and take your salve anywhere for relief from aches, pains, sore joints, tight muscles, and cuts. The natural ingredients will nourish your skin so it looks as good as you feel inside. Keep one in your desk drawer at work and one in your bag in case of flare-ups throughout the day.

With this CBD salve, you know you’re getting superior quality and wide-ranging benefits. The full-spectrum formula is made from our Whole Plant Extracted Hemp Oil originating from our Certified Organic Hemp Farm in Silverton, Oregon. The salve is infused with fractionated coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and terpenes so it helps soften your skin while soothing your sore spots.


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