How CBD oil can Reduce Anxiety Attacks in dogs and cats 

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How CBD oil can Reduce Anxiety Attacks in dogs and cats 

Anxiety and stress are two of the leading problems dog owners experience with their pets. They are most likely caused by phobias and stress that your loving pooch experienced many times in the house or outside environment. Mental issues are physically manifested through insistent barking, urinating and defecating inside the house even if the dog’s already house broken, chewing household items such as shoes and furniture, and aggressiveness. CBD oil for dogs is an alternative anxiety medication. It is safer than most prescribed medication.

What Causes Anxiety in Dogs

We always think that our pets live a perfectly simple life of eat, play and sleep, then repeat. But they are prone to mental disorders just like people. Separation anxiety is commonly experienced by dogs of all ages and not just pups.

    • 17% of all dogs experience this mental issue. Even happy dogs become anxious once their phobias are triggered such as separation from owner or being left alone in the house. Strangers, new family members and traveling can trigger anxiety.
    • Dogs that suffered physical and mental abuse become anxious and exhibit physical symptoms especially aggression. They often become fearful of strangers, other dogs or animals, and change in environment – moving to a new home.
    • Older pets often suffer from CDS or Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. This affects the old pooch’s learning, perception, awareness and memory.
  • Anxious dogs have problems in learning new tricks or focusing. They are also sensitive to outside stimulation. Going out for a walk or playing at the dog park can be problematic.

Traditional Medication for Dogs

You know the saying, pet owners and their dogs almost look alike, well this applies to anxiety treatments. Traditional medication taken by humans are also used on dogs, such as Prozac, Xanax and Paxil. There’s also no single approach to anxiety. Vets and dog behavioral specialists will evaluate the pooch and customize the treatment according to the evaluation. Behavior adjustment and training are usually the first steps. Unfortunately, these are not enough in some cases, so medication, such as those formerly mentioned, are often the go-to drugs. They carry side-effects that may alter the eat, play, and sleep then repeat or happy dog pattern and other side effects. Here are some effects:

    • Sudden decrease or increase in appetite
    • Lethargy, drowsiness and sleepiness
    • They affect learning and memory
    • Increased urination, diarrhea, stomach upset, vomiting
  • On certain occasions, they also increase anxiety and aggression.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Anxiety

Good news, CBD oil for dogs’ calming effect works wonders as it is a powerful anti-anxiety alternative medicine. Studies revealed that hemp oil works just like Prozac or Paxil by stimulating Serotonin receptors in the brain, blocking the absorption of the compound thus increasing the level in the brain. It also increases signaling of serotonin receptors. This decreases anxiety and fear, and thus, improves the mood of your beloved pooch. The oil has another effect, promoting the growth of new brain cells – neurogenesis in the hippocampus. Hippocampus is responsible for memory retention and cognitive control. By improving the size and development, this resolves anxieties and fears.

Last but not the least, CBD oil works well with other medications such as pain killers. So your pet is safe from complications from mixed medications.


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