What is CBD

What do you need to know about CBD oil for pets?

Cannabidiol was initially discovered in 1940. To date, scientists have discovered and identified around 110 cannabinoids in Cannabis plants. The cannabinoids account for up to forty percent of the plant’s extract. Research studies and clinical trials have concluded many benefits of CBD oil both for human beings and animals. They are helpful in reducing pain, movement disorders, depression, and anxiety. The CBD oil also improves cognition and mental health.
Scientists, doctors, and veterinary experts are paying more attention to CBD oil. They have found amazing benefits in its use for pets such as dogs and cats. We have researched many scientific articles and research papers to contemplate and comprehend the benefits of using CBD oil for animals. So, in this article, we are going to tell you about the 10 amazing health benefits of CBD oil for pets. Keep reading this article to know the remarkable uses and advantages of CBD oil.

CBD oil is Not Psychoactive.

The in-depth research done by scientists has discovered that CBD is largely found in hemp and cannabis plants. Cannabis has a significant amount of Tetra-hydrocannabinol (THC), which provides psychoactive properties to marijuana. Research scholars said that CBD oil without the THC is beneficial for both humans and animals. They recommend the extraction of CBD oil from hemp plant and not from the marijuana so that the psychoactive properties or characteristics are avoided. Therefore, you can use CBD oil (extracted from hemp) for your dog that will relax it without causing the danger of intoxication. 

CBD Oil Reduces Anxiety.

Anxiety is a physiological state capable of affecting the complete integrity of human beings and animals: It is characterized by behavior, mood, emotions, and cognitive processes and may even lead to physical manifestations. Usually, anxiety is known as a feeling of worry or fear, which brings with it stress and discomfort.
In normal situations, this sensation of anxiety is a direct natural reaction derived from external stimuli classified as stressful or negative, capable of producing the sensations already mentioned. However, there comes a point at which these sensations become uncontrollable, even in extreme cases even producing paranoia.
Cannabidiol has a pharmacological spectrum widely demonstrated in recent years, evoking an increase in interest in the investigation of its effectiveness against different current neurological disorders. As with any drug or medication, one of the main aspects of the pharmacological effects that should be studied is its safety and tolerance, the CBD is very well tolerated in very high dose ranges in animal studies, reaching concentrations as 700-1500 mg/day orally, without reporting effects that affect motor functions, negative effects on mood and other abnormalities at the physiological level.

CBD is good in fighting Epilepsy and seizures.

Various research studies have established a fact that more than five percent of dogs suffer from seizures. In order to overcome the problem of seizures in dogs, they are given potassium bromide and phenobarbital. These drugs are helpful in reducing the intensity of the disease in dogs. However, they also produce adverse effects, which in turn, damage the dog’s organs including the liver. Sometimes, these drugs do not work at all.
On the other hand, scientists have conducted a number of research studies to know the effects of CBD in fighting seizures in dogs, and they have found some incredible results. CBD can reduce the severity of seizures in dogs significantly without causing harmful effects on the dog’s organs. Moreover, CBD also works very well in drug-resistant epilepsy. Various studies have identified the benefits of CBD in fighting epilepsy. In one such study, researchers found significant improvement in 98% study participants who were resistant to drugs.

CBD helps in the treatment of Pain.

The CBD is gaining popularity as an alternative, natural and safe treatment for pain. A practical way to consume CBD to control pain is CBD oil. This oil is usually produced from industrial hemp, which has a high CBD content and negligible levels of THC. Manufacturers of CBD oil products can use different methods to extract compounds from the hemp plant, and can also use various carrier oils to take advantage of CBD, such as coconut oil, olive oil or hemp oil. The CBD is available in variable powers, allowing consumers with medicinal purposes to be dosed according to their preferences.
CBD does not carry a risk of lethal overdose; however, it is always better to start with low doses, and gradually increase them over a period of days or weeks, until the desired effect is achieved. One of the main therapeutic properties of CBD is as natural anti-inflammatory properties and without adverse side effects. Inflammation of the muscles can cause pain and, over time, can result in increased tissue damage or even chronic pain. The use of prescription painkillers to alleviate these pains based on chemical compounds, in the long term can have side effects on the liver, kidney and stomach.

Overcome inflammatory bowel disease.

The inflammatory bowel disease includes a set of diseases that attack the intestinal tract. These diseases cause long-lasting inflammations along this duct and the symptoms can appear in the form of outbreaks throughout the life of the dog.
In the case of this type of diseases, the fact that the endo-cannabinoid system has a very important function is clear, since 2-arachidonylglycerol, a ligand of the CB1 and CB2 receptors of this system, was isolated for the first time in the intestines of dogs.
Various studies analyzed that treatment with CBD would be more effective and less hostile than other drugs. Because of its antibiotic properties, the CBD can restore normal gut motility.

CBD decreases Chronic Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease.

CBD is extremely helpful in decreasing the synthesis and release of allergy causing inflammatory cytokines. It also helps in reducing the functionality of cytokines that cause autoimmunity and hypersensitivities. The primary cause of autoimmune disease is TH17 dominance and CBD can substantially suppress its effects. CBD has the ability to cease the production of macrophages that cause inflammation. It is likewise very beneficial in reducing the harmful effects of chronic inflammation. It is a powerful and vibrant antioxidant, which has more power and energy than Vitamin C and E.

CBD is good for the protection of the Nervous system.

CBD has found beneficial for dogs that suffer from nerve issues, spine conditions, and degenerative myelopathy. Recently established studies have found it helpful in individuals with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It protects brain cells and neurons from toxicity. For older dogs, CBD has been found to be very beneficial in slowing down the process of apoptosis or cell death. It can also stop toxins and free radicals accumulating in the cells to help slow down the brain cell death.
Increased appetite and can help with Nausea
If your dog is feeling difficulty in eating, then you don’t need to worry because CBD can help you overcome the low appetite problem. According to the National Cancer Institute, CBD does not only control cancer but also increase appetite in dogs. A number of animal studies have shown that CBD helps with nausea and vomiting even caused by drugs and toxins.
Promotes heart/cardiovascular health
The CBD extract protects against vascular damage caused by a high glucose environment or inflammation; In addition, CBD demonstrates reducing vascular hyper permeability (which causes loss of bowel) associated with such environments. In addition, Dr Bassingthwaighte, a veterinarian has discovered the association of CBD with cardiovascular health. Research studies and clinical trials have shown that it can decrease irregular heart rates, blood pressure, and damaging of blood vessels.

CBD is legal and safe for dogs.

Although more in-depth research is still required on these compounds and their action on the human body, the use of cannabinoids such as CBD to treat dog ailments is becoming more common, as many users have realized the enormous benefits in dogs.
A number of research studies have shown the robust effects of CBD in animals. We can now rely on CBD for our dogs because they are extremely safe to use, even you give it to your dog in high doses. It can reduce the function of the liver enzymes that are used in the metabolism of prescription drugs. Therefore, you need to consult with our vet before using CBD.
As mentioned previously, CBD oil is mostly extracted from hemp oil, which contains an insignificant amount of THC. What does this mean? This means that it is safe for you because it does not exhibit any kind of psychoactive properties or effects. Knowing the incredible effects of CBD and its safety, hemp-based CBD products have been legalized in all fifty states for humans and animals.

How to choose a good CBD oil for your dog?

You may not know but CBD oils have different properties and effects. So, in this section, we want to give you a piece of advice on how to select or choose a high-quality CBD oil for your dog, and that actually works well!
The first step is to ensure that the product you are buying is 100% organic. If it is not organic, it may contain solvents, fungicides, and pesticides that can cause harmful effects.
The second thing that you need to consider is the purity and quality of the CBD oil product. You must not look for cheap products that are out there in the market as it contains additives that may cause adverse effects for your pet.
In addition, another important aspect to bear in mind is checking the manufacturer’s certificate of analysis of the product. You must check the level of THC in the product and buy the one with little or no THC.
Moreover, we recommend you to by CBD as a tincture. In this way, you will be able to adjust the dose for your dog drop by drop to get the most out of it
Lastly, it is important to note that you should avoid the advice of people who prohibit you from buying CBD oil for your dog. The reason we are saying this is that there are hundreds of research studies that have confirmed its benefits for pets including dogs.

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