Your Guide to the Benefits of Parrot CBD Oil


Your Guide to the Benefits of Parrot CBD Oil

Parrots make wonderful pets and – due to their playful nature, unrivaled intelligence, and amazing vocal abilities – they’re great company too! While keeping a parrot is fun and rewarding, it does come with some challenges, particularly when it comes to your bird’s health and behavior. As a caring parrot owner, you may look to natural supplements to aid your pet’s wellbeing – and that’s where CBD oil for parrots can be beneficial.

What are the Reported Benefits of CBD Oil for Parrots?
From appetite to anxiety and pain to plucking, CBD oil can support your parrot’s emotional and physical wellness the natural way. Since it’s derived from hemp, CBD oil is rich in plant goodness that is believed to…

Increase appetite in parrots that are off their food
Calm anxiety, reduce stress, and promote relaxation
Reduce feather-plucking tendencies in stressed birds
Encourage depressed birds to be playful and sociable
Inhibit destructive behaviors and excessive screaming
Alleviate skin irritation and pain caused by self-mutilation
Support your pet’s immune system and general wellbeing



How Does CBD Oil Help Parrots with Health or Behavioral Issues?

Just like humans, birds have an “endocannabinoid system” in their bodies. This complex system contains receptors that help regulate functions such as sleep, mood, and appetite. The compounds in CBD oil are believed to interact with the endocannabinoid system to enhance these functions in a positive way. It’s therefore believed that CBD oil has therapeutic benefits and can positively impact physical, emotional, and mental wellness.



Is CBD Oil Safe for Parrots?

Pet owners are increasingly researching natural, holistic, easy-to-administer supplements for their animal companions. As a result, pet CBD oil has seen a huge boost in popularity – but that’s not to say that all CBD oil is created equal or is suitable for all pets.

When it comes to product safety, it’s important to look for CBD oil that contains only pure, non-GMO ingredients. In terms of legality, CBD oil products must contain less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive compound in hemp). Furthermore, the CBD oil supplements you choose for your parrot should be specifically formulated for birds to ensure correct dosing. Finally, since parrots come in many different types, sizes, and weights, it’s crucial you buy the right strength. The dosage of CBD oil for African grey parrots will be different from that for conures and cockatiels, for instance.



Which Parrot CBD Oil Should You Buy?

To ensure you’re buying the safest and most effective CBD oil for your parrot, shop with That Pet Cure. Our CBD Oil for Parrots is a full spectrum, CO2-extracted formula made from the flower only for absolute purity. Highly-concentrated and rich in terpenes, it comes in a dropper bottle that makes it easy for you to administer the correct dose.

Whether you’re looking to support your parrot’s overall wellbeing or want to take a more holistic approach to his specific complaint, That Pet Cure CBD Oil for Parrots is formulated to deliver wide-ranging therapeutic benefits. Always consult your veterinarian before giving your parrot a new supplement.


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