Treating Depression with CBD oil for your pets !

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CBD Oil For Dog Depression

Depression is a disorder experienced by people and animals. Dogs are just as vulnerable to depression and anxiety like people. A change in circumstance or situation such as another member or pet dying, moving to another home or changing owner as well as abuse cause depression in dogs. Most anti-depression medication for dogs trigger “happy hormones” such as serotonin to uplift the mood. Unfortunately drugs such as Prozac contain side effects that prove detrimental to health. An alternative treatment to depression that delivers the same result in alleviating depression is CBD oil for dogs.


Signs of Dog Depression

Depression and anxiety can be corrected naturally by renewing routines, activities and exercise, but in some cases it takes months. Medication helps in keeping the depressive or anxious mood at bay while working on behavioral training and ways to uplift the mindset of your pooch. Here are several signs of depression you should watch out for:

  • Extreme changes in appetite and sleeping. Depression is characterized with changes in behavior – appetite and rest/sleep patterns. It is either your pet loses appetite and consequently weight or finds comfort in food and gains weight. Same with rest or sleep pattern, when your dog starts to sleep longer even when you are home or becomes too restless or excitable, then there’s something wrong.
  • Dogs have their own personality, and one personality trait is having interests especially with activities or treats. When your dog unexpectedly becomes less active with no motivation to do the activities that usually excites him/her, it’s time to have a check for depression.
  • Excessive behaviors such as licking and chewing can be caused by depression or anxiety issues. Licking or chewing relaxes them. Any soothing behavior that’s done in excess of the normal for them is a sign of psychological issues that need to be addressed.


How CBD Oil for Dog Depression Works

CBD oil researchers believe that it works by stimulating particular serotonin receptors in the brain just like standard medication – Prozac or Paxil. It inhibits the absorption of serotonin while increasing the level of production, thus serotonin floods to the brain. By increasing the hormone’s presence in the brain, it uplifts or improves the mood. It also stimulates the growth in their gray cells by increasing the size of the key brain part – hippocampus which plays a key role in cognition and memory.


If CBD oil is good enough for humans, it is also  good for your pets but in moderation. To know more about CBD oil for dogs and the ailments that it can alleviate, click this link   to order full spectrum co2 extract CBD oil for your pets.


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