Types of CBD Oil for Dogs Available Today

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Types of CBD Oil for Dogs Available Today

You heard it right, hemp oil is the new hot medical alternative to traditional medicine that can help aid  and relieve pain. But that’s not all, CBD oil is also good for dogs or any furry friend that needs extra care. It is known for its pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, among other things. It also helps in seizure relief, anxiety and depression.

Mammals produce the CBD compound in the brain which is crucial in different bodily functions. It is safer than THC because it does not have any psychoactive quality. CBD oil for dogs has less than 0.03% THC that means your pet is safe from any psychoactive side effects.


CBD Oil for Dogs in Tincture Form

Since it has proven to be more effective in helping our furry friends with their ailments as well as general health, CBD oil for dogs is available in different types. The most basic and versatile is the tincture form. Dosage depends to weight of your pet and how responsive it is to the treatment. The ideal method of administering hemp oil is under the tongue. Now this can be tough on the first few trials because we all know dogs aren’t big fans of medicine. One way of encouraging your dog to take the alternative meds is by giving it a treat after taking the oil. Some tinctures are flavored to make them more palatable to pooches.


CBD Oil for Dogs in Treats

Several companies have come up with high grade CBD oil treats. These treats have exact dosages of hemp oil to ensure efficacy. Dogs love their treats. So, they will definitely love these hemp laced goodies. Each treat has an exact level of the oil, and depending on the dosage recommended by your vet, you can give these treats 2 to 5 times a day as per condition and the issues it is supposed to relieve your pooch of.


Getting Started with the CBD Oil for Dogs Treatment

The rule in administering CBD oil is to start at the smallest amount as possible. Once you get a positive response, increase the amount every 5 to 7 days until you see the effect that you and your vet want to relieve pain, inflammation or seizure.


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