Seizure and Epileptic Episodes, How CBD oil can help your pets

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CBD Oil For Dogs with Seizure and Epileptic Episodes

Seizures and epileptic episodes are disorders that are common in dogs. During these episodes, it is heart wrenching to see your pet in pain, discomfort and without control over its body. Vets usually prescribe anti-seizure medications such as phenobarbital and potassium. Although these aid in providing comfort, they can also be harmful in their effects on organs. Luckily, there’s a new way of treating seizures and epilepsy – CBD oil for dogs.

There are 2 kinds of seizures common among dogs, epileptic and idiopathic. Hemp oil can help reduce the harshness of each attack as well as the occurrence. It is a safer and more natural solution since dogs also have an endo-cannabidiol system which means that their brain produces the same substance in their body. Taking CBD oil reinforces the compound that’s already present inside body cells and tissues.


Understanding Seizures and Epilepsy

Seizures affect the brain, central nervous system and spinal cord. It affects the function of neurons. Basically, it is the abnormal rate of electrical signals of neurons in the brain that’s responsible for all the communication inside the body. This abnormal rate of electrical signals in the brain causes seizures. They happen in varying degrees from mild to more severe ones. Symptoms include hyperventilation, too much blinking or rapid eye movement,  fits, shaking, tremors and in worse cases – collapsing and loss of consciousness. Breeds that are susceptible to this condition are beagles, cocker spaniels, Siberian huskies and German shepherds.

Other causes of epilepsy or seizures are head trauma, kidney/liver failure, low blood sugar, tumors, inflammation and degenerative brain disorders.   


How CBD Oil for Dogs Helps Reduce Seizures

Dogs and humans share the same Endo-cannabidiol system that interacts with cannabidiol – the main compound in CBD. We have this system because mammals produce this naturally and is vital in certain bodily functions including fighting diseases, rest and sleep, pain management, as well as brain functions. ECBD receptors found in tissue cells respond to cannabidiol and help reduce the occurrence of malfunctions such as seizures. Further studies are needed on how CBD receptors work in curtailing and reducing the occurrence of episodes, but it works on both people and pets alike.


CBD Oil Doses for Dogs

Hemp or CBD oil for dogs is given in the form of oil/tincture or treats. Dose depends entirely  on the weight  of your dog or cat. Usually it starts with small dosages and additional intake is considered depending on the efficacy of the treatment. Before you start CBD oil protocol for your dog, consult your vet and get his advice on how to properly dose as well as monitoring the effects.

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