Stop Inflammation With CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs

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Stop Inflammation With CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs

Chronic inflammation from various disorders cause pain and discomfort. And your furry friends are not spared from this symptom of ailments such as arthritis, MS, IBS and injuries. It is often treated with steroids but this too presents more side effects and prolonged use or intake can damage organs as well as efficacy diminish over time. CBD oil for cats and dogs curtails and prevents further inflammation far more effectively than any medication. It is all natural and safe to use for prolonged periods.

How CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs Stops Inflammation

Mammals produce cannabidiol in the brain. We make our own cannabidiol compound and receptors that aid in different bodily functions including the body’s own pain management, immunity, rest and sleep as well as keeping us calm. We share this cannabidiol pattern with the rest of the mammals including our furry friends. CB2 or cannabidiol2 receptors are present in the immune cells that help in different responses including fighting diseases like cancer and inflammation. These receptors also respond to plant based CBD.

  • CBD oil helps in managing autoimmune diseases. Studies show that it reduces the production and distribution of inflammatory cytokines – the body’s own defense system against foreign cell invasions and hypersensitivities including allergies. Unfortunately in autoimmune diseases and allergies, the immune system attacks the body cells, causing inflammation. CBD oil activates the receptors inside the immune cells to suppress the production of the inflammatory compound.
  • CBD oil prevents the production of inflammatory compounds and reduces the occurrence of chronic inflammation.
  • CBD oil for cats and dogs also has strong antioxidants that are far stronger than vitamins C and E.
  • IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, also known as colitis is painful and disrupts the natural movement of food and waste. CBD oil prevents the inflammation and helps bring back normal intestinal movement of food and waste.

Inflammation causes pain because cells and nerve tissues are damaged. When inflammation is reduced, the pain also subsides. CBD oil is a natural alternative to steroids and other synthetically produced anti-inflammation medicine. For more information on CBD oil for cats and dogs.


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