How to Calculate the Best Dose of Pet CBD Oil

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Learn How to Work Out the Right Dose of CBD for You and Your Pets 

If you’ve decided to give your pet CBD oil, you’ll need to learn how to work out the correct dose. Dosing can seem confusing since the amount varies according to the type of animal, the animal’s weight, and what condition the CBD is being used for. But with That Pet Cure’s handy dosage charts, you’ll soon get the hang of CBD dosing!

So how much CBD oil should you give your dog, cat, or parrot? It’s important to always start with a low dose and increase it slowly if required. After administering CBD to your pet, allow 30-60 minutes for it to take effect. Monitor your pet’s condition and if there has been no improvement, the dosage probably needs to be increased.

How to Calculate the Right CBD Dose 

As a general rule, you should give 1-5mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of your dog’s or cat’s body weight. For pain management, this dose should be given every 8 hours, or as needed. For other conditions such as stress, anxiety, or loss of appetite, the dose should only be given once or twice a day.

As with all supplements, you should consult your veterinarian before offering CBD oil to your pet. You should also ensure you know your pet’s precise weight before trying to work out the CBD dose. Regularly weighing your pet and keeping a record of any changes is beneficial, not just for supplement dosages but for all aspects of your pet’s care.

Remember that the number of innate CBD receptors can vary from animal to animal; this is where experimentation comes in. It may take a few trials to find the right dose for your pet, but once you do, he can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil!

CBD Dosing Chart for Dogs and Cats

Pet’s WeightLow DoseMedium DoseHigh Dose
10 pounds1mg3mg5mg
20 pounds2mg6mg10mg
30 pounds3mg8mg15mg
40 pounds4mg10mg20mg
50 pounds5mg12mg25mg
60 pounds6mg14mg30mg
70 pounds7mg16mg35mg
80 pounds8mg18mg40mg
90 pounds9mg20mg45mg
100 pounds10mg24mg50mg

How to Calculate the Right Dose of CBD Oil for Parrots

The basic calculation is as follows: give 1 drop of CBD oil twice daily for every 500 grams of your parrot’s body weight. Since parrots’ weights can vary greatly between species, it’s important to accurately weigh your parrot before administering CBD oil.

That Pet Cure CBD Oil for Pets (and People!)

That Pet Cure CBD oil is formulated to be safe and effective when administered correctly. The product range includes several different CBD formulas suitable for pets and people. That Pet Cure CBD oil comes in various bottle sizes too, so you can choose the best-value bottle for your needs. This handy chart will help you make a more informed choice:

That Pet Cure CBD Oil for Pets (and People!)

CBD Oil for…Total CBD mg Per BottleCompositionDrops Per BottleCBD mg Per Drop
Parrots50mg/10mlFlower Only2000.25mg
Dogs, Cats, Parrots150mg/10mlFlower Only2000.75mg
Dogs, Cats, Parrots275mg/10mlFlower Only2001.37mg
Dogs, Cats, Parrots, People500mg/10mlFlower Only2002.5mg
Dogs, Cats, Parrots, People500mg/30mlWhole Plant6000.833mg
Dogs, Cats, Parrots, People1000mg/30mlWhole Plant6001.666mg
Dogs, Cats, Parrots, People1000mg/10mlMade in Amsterdam2005mg

Giving the Correct Dose of CBD Oil is Important

Giving too little will be ineffective; giving too much could be harmful to your pet’s health. That’s why That Pet Cure aims to educate pet owners on dosages. Once you know the basic formula, you’ll find it easy to calculate the right CBD dose for your pet. If you’d like more information on That Pet Cure products, or more help with dosing calculations, get in touch!


5 thoughts on “How to Calculate the Best Dose of Pet CBD Oil”

  1. IF (sorry, there’s no scientific/FDA proof for animals or humans at this time) your statement “1 drop of CBD oil twice daily for every 500 grams of your parrot’s body weight” and a Sun Conure weighs approx. 110 – 150’ish grams, then your suggestion would infer the caretaker would use 1/4 to 1/3 of 1 drop? How is that measured out ??

    Are you able to answer here for everyone and email me personally? I’m not a member or frequent visitor to this page, just doing a search on CBD + Pet Bird

    1. I have been in the parrot niche for over 20 years now, feeding them hemp seeds which is one part of what cbd is made from. & years ago before i start this company. One of parrots needed to see a vet. After the visit they gave him metacam. Which is an anti inflammatory, That did not do well with my 200 gram parrot. After doing research and my brother is in the CBD oil business for 10 years. I start to give my parrot CBD oil for 2 years. After seeing great results and taking him off these medication that only hurt them. I start my business. That being said, My dosing is what i have experienced with my research. It has been working well with may parrot and other pets. My parrot CBD oil is made with the purest Flower only CBD and nutiva organic MTC coconut oil. I am the only company that carries this formula. You will not find it anywhere. Hope that help !

    2. You’d have to dilute it with another safe food-grade oil.
      To get “1/3rd” a drop, you need to dilute it three times with plain coconut oil.
      If one has a separate clean glass container, one could add 2ml of coconut oil for every one ml of the CBD (OR PRIMARY OIL/SOLUTION), then one could offer one drop of this diluted product (which is 1/3 the potency) if that makes sense. Basic math really, since offering a “1/3rd drop” is not practical.

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